In case of emergency, please call: 
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Veterinarian in Fairbanks, AK

Looking for a substitute veterinarian while yours is out of the office? Give After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Fairbanks, AK a call today! Our vets have many years of experience with all types of animals and are able to treat dogs, cats and smaller pets, such as rabbits and turtles.


Pets leaving the After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic must be picked up no later than 7:30am to either be taken home or transferred to your primary veterinarian for continued care. In all cases, a copy of the medical record will be provided to your regular veterinarian to become a part of your pet's permanent medical record.

Upon discharge of the patient, you will be given an itemized receipt and instructions for continued care of your pet. Follow-up care is not provided by After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic.

We strongly recommend proper follow-up care in order to produce the most successful outcome for your pet's health.


Think your pet isn't feeling well? Noticed something that is worrying you? Whatever your reason for concern, we invite you to bring your pet to our state-of-the-art clinic in Fairbanks. Our pet vet at After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic can quickly determine the cause of your pet's discomfort through tests that we can run through our on-site lab. Once we've established the cause of your pet's illness, we'll get you the best treatment possible.

Critical care

When your pet has been in an accident or in a fight with another animal you can't afford to wait for a pet vet office to open. That's why we offer emergency pet care services. We'll be here to take care of your pet when you need us. Our Fairbanks facility is equipped to handle many different types of pet emergencies.

Cat being treated by our veterinarian in Fairbanks, AK
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