In case of emergency, please call: 
(907) 479-2700

Dog at an animal hospital in Fairbanks, AK

Emergency services at our professional animal hospital in Fairbanks, AK

Caring for pets since 1997

What do you do when your pet becomes sick or injured and your regular veterinarian is not available? Contact the experts at After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic for help.

Our reliable animal hospital in the Fairbanks, AK area provides emergency veterinary medicine with care and compassion to all of our furry--and non-furry friends. We offer critical care and emergency treatment when your companion isn't feeling his or her best.

We also offer a variety of surgical care services in the event of an emergency. So when you need veterinary medicine or urgent treatment for your pet, give us a call in Fairbanks.

Who we are

Since 1997, After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic has been providing prompt relief from mishaps and ailments, life threatening or not, that are painful or a cause of immediate concern for pets in interior Alaska. We strive to provide the best medical care possible for your pet. 

At After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic, you'll find that everyone on our team, from the receptionists to the lead veterinarian, are all professional, friendly, and passionate about caring for all kinds of animals. Everyone here is standing by to offer you and your pet the very best veterinary medicine and care in our state-of-the-art animal hospital. We have a veterinarian on duty during all business hours. Come see us in Fairbanks when your pet needs a little extra tender loving care.

Please note that we also offer emergency care and referrals for surgical services that are beyond our scope.

Hours of operation

Monday - Friday: 6pm - 8am

Weekends & Holidays: 24 hours a day

We offer emergency after hours services

In an emergency

In the case of an emergency, phone your regular veterinarian. If he or she is unavailable, call the After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Fairbanks. Our staff will help you decide the best method for addressing the situation.

What to do:

  • Remain calm 
  • Do not attempt home remedies or medications 
  • Call our animal hospital 
  • Discuss the emergency with our staff 
  • Be cautious when handling injured pets; animals often bite when afraid or in pain. 

Please call before coming to our clinic. This will enable our staff to be as prepared as possible for your animal's specific illness or injury. We may also be able to suggest immediate first-aid measures you can take to aid your pet, and provide detailed directions to our clinic.

Contact information

8 Bonnie Ave
Fairbanks, AK 99701

(907) 479-2700

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